Maddie in Hospital

by Louise Leblanc

illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay

translated by Sarah Cummins

A severe case of gastro-enteritis has put Maddie in hospital and she is afraid.
When Maddie wakes up in the hospital, she knows she has to get out--fast! Soon her brother Alexander will be in her room, touching her stuff; soon her rival Patrick will take over her gang at school.
But when she meets Black Eagle, a tough, funny kid who's in for cancer treatment, Maddie doesn't want to leave. Despite all her efforts, she's finally sent home. When she gets there, however, her grandmother has a great idea for winning back the gang, and Black Eagle at the same time.
Maddie in Hospital is the touching story of a girl's first love, and of the sacrifices she makes for it.

About the Authors

Louise Leblanc

LOUISE LEBLANC is an award-winning novelist and childrens writer. A native of Montreal she worked as a teacher a model an actress and a dancer before establishing her full-time writing career in 1985. Her Maddie books have appeared in French English Spanish and Danish editions.'

Marie-Louise Gay

MARIE-LOUISE GAY has won awards, including the Governor Generals Award for her children's book illustrations.'

Sarah Cummins


"This sixth book in the Maddie series both entertains and educates. Leblanc infuses her story and characters with wit and energy... Maddie is a particularly delightful combination of determination and sensitivity. Amusing illustrations add to the book's appeal... recommended."
Leigh Dodds, Canadian Book Review Annual
"LeBlanc has made every word count in this tightly written novel."
Joy Showell, Resource Links

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