Making the Spirit Dance Within

Joe Duquette High School and an Aboriginal Community

by Celia Haig-Brown, Kathy L. Hodgson-Smith, Robert Regnier, and Jo-Ann Archibald

An exploration of the success of the Joe Duquette High School in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and its commitment to aboriginal spirituality.

This book offers an in-depth study of a remarkable school for native students, the Joe Duquette High School in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

The key to the school's success is its commitment to aboriginal spirituality as a guiding principle for both curriculum and human behaviour. The sacred circle, a recognition of the inter-relatedness of all things, is the foundation of the school's philosophy. Sweet grass circles, trips to the sweat lodge, feasts, and respect for the teaching of Elders are central elements of the Duquette educational experience.

Making the Spirit Dance Within offers a model for educating native students that stands in stark contrast to the ignorance of First Nations history and culture typical of mainstream Canadian schools.

An Our Schools/Our Selves book.

About the Authors

Celia Haig-Brown

CELIA HAIG-BROWN teaches Education at York University.

Kathy L. Hodgson-Smith

KATHY L. HODGSON-SMITH is a faculty member of the Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program.

Robert Regnier

ROBERT REGNIER is an associate professor in the Department of Indian and Northern Education at the University of Saskatchewan.

Jo-Ann Archibald

JO-ANN ARCHIBALD is the Director of the First Nations House of Learning at UBC.

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