Mia, Matt and the Lazy Gator

by Annie Langlois

illustrated by Jimmy Beaulieu

Twins Mia and Matt take on a summer challenge: to teach the laziest animal on the planet to dance. But they're in for a surprise!

Twins Mia and Matt can't wait to get to their uncle's summer cottage and find out what animal will be the star of their vacation. Uncle Orlando is the best animal trainer in the country for movies and television. Last time, they helped him train a group of pigs to sing.

This year turns out to be a challenge get an alligator, the slowest and laziest animal on the planet, to dance! All Nestor the Gator will do for Orlando is bathe in the sun. Will the twins get bitten, or will Matt's breakdancing skills help Nestor learn some moves?

Suddenly, a strange thing happens the gator starts making a sculpture out of mud and grass. What is he up to? Mia and Matt are in for a surprise! The alligator turns out to be female, and soon thirty baby alligators, nesting in the sculpture, hatch from their eggs.

About the Authors

ANNIE LANGLOIS has worked in children's literature for more than ten years, first as a librarian and then as the art director for publisher La courte échelle. She recently completed a doctorate in children's literature at Sorbonne-Nouvelle University in Paris.


"Though the design and layout suggest a young target audience, the advanced vocabulary (writhe, posterity and discreetly all appear on a single page) as well as the romantic focus -- sweethearts, smooches and spooning all make an appearance -- will make this one a hard sell to the early elementary crowd."
Kirkus Reviews (U.S.)
...an easy read for a student needing some action and picture support to keep interested. Recommended.
Lori Austin, Resource Links
Langlois provides young readers with a positive example to emulate: a young girl whose commitment to a project is ultimately achieved and admired by loved ones. ....Mia, Matt and the Lazy Gator bestows young readers with the hopefulness to reach their desired goals. I would recommend Langlois' early reader for both school and public libraries. Recommended.
Natalie Schembri, CM Magazine

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