My First East Coast Bird Book

The birds you see in back yards, woods, and waters in Canada's Atlantic provinces

by Jeffrey C. Domm

A field guide so kids can learn more about the most common birds found in Canada’s Maritime provinces.

An all-new, richly illustrated easy-to-use guide that with the six identifying features of each of the most common birds on the east coast.

This book makes identifying the most common birds found on the east coast of Canada easy. It includes detailed illustrations of every bird, showcasing their size and colour, flight patterns, dietary habits and other useful facts.

Using this book, kids and novice bird watchers will be able to identify birds you may see in your back yard, on the trails or at the beach, helping them to reconnect with nature and wildlife.

Author and illustrator Jeffrey C. Domm is an expert with over 20 nature guides published. His illustrations go far beyond anything seen in common bird guides with detail and clarity.

More than forty birds are included, from those you will see in your backyard – like the American crow and the Blue Jay – to those you will see while at the beach or walking along a trail, like the Great Blue Heron and the Bald Eagle. Each bird has over ten illustrations for easy and clear identification.

About the Author

Jeffrey C. Domm

Artist JEFFERY C. DOMM has had a lifelong fascination with nature and wildlife. He is a distinguished illustrator of wildlife and nature. He teaches illustration at Halifax’s renowned NSCAD University. He has illustrated more than twenty wildlife books, including the best-selling Lorimer Field Guide to Ontario Birds. He lives in Cow Bay, Nova Scotia.

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