Off the Wall

by Camilla Reghelini Rivers

Off the Wall is a fast-paced, boisterous story with lots of plot twists and plenty of soccer to keep young readers amused.

Indoor soccer is what Lizzie does best. At school other kids bug her and her teacher thinks she's a troublemaker, but during a game she feels focused, free.
Lately, however, her younger sister Shelby has taken up the game. Shelby's a nice kid, but she leads a charmed life--she copies everything Lizzie does, then does it better. Soon Shelby is a soccer star and her team is challenging Lizzie's in tournament play. When the girls are pitted against each other on the field, hurt feelings fuel a brutal competition, with dangerous results.
Off the Wall shows the difficulty of acknowledging the best qualities in those we love, and in ourselves.

About the Author

CAMILLA REGHELINI RIVERS is a writer, mother, and former teacher.  She was born in India, raised in Alberta, and now lives in Winnipeg. Her title Shut-Out!, was nominated for the 2022 Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award.

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