Out of It

by Michelle Kadarusman

Best friends should always have your back -- even when you turn your back on them
Suri and Lacey have been best friends since kindergarten. Suri, the photographer, has always been the safe, responsible one, afraid to take risks. Now that the pair is in high school, she''s afraid that her more outgoing and adventurous friend will outgrow her.
Then Lacey''s wild, risk-taking personality leads her down a dangerous path -- and Suri is afraid of losing her for real. But if she chases Lacey down that same path of drinking, partying, hooking up with older guys, and drugs, will Suri be able to save her friend -- or herself?

About the Author

Michelle Kadarusman
MICHELLE KADARUSMAN is the founder of a literacy initiative in Toronto called Raising Readers and works for the Scotiabank Giller Prize. She has contributed to various children's magazines and educational publications. She lives in Toronto with her teenage children, husband, and dogs.


"Kadarusman's use of social media elements, like text conversations and Facebook posts, lend credibility to the plot and authenticity to the characters...The well-drawn, realistic characters and exciting character-driven plot make for a very engaging story."
Charlotte Duggan,, CM: Canadian Review of Materials
"Out of It is an easy read and moves along at a satisfying pace as it covers relevant issues such as drugs, sexuality, assault, and peer pressure. Kadarusman illustrates the importance of looking beyond a person's actions and asks readers to evaluate the meaning of true friendship."
Melissa Poole,, Librarian at Belton Library, NetGalley Reviewer
"The Sidestreets series publishes wonderful books featuring YA and current social issues that are always spot on and Out of It is another example of how incredibly important it is to print these types of books in today's world . . . I found the story compelling and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to find out what happens . . . Loved it."
Tina Avon,, NetGalley Reviewer

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