Pretty Bones

by Aya Tsintziras

There are no easy answers for girls growing up in a world where being pretty means being thin.
Raine has a family, good grades, best friends, and a boyfriend who loves her. But then anorexia takes over, and her life spirals out of control. Her efforts to hide her condition are finished when she collapses at a school dance. Although she's whisked away to treatment, Raine isn't ready to accept who she really is and get the help she desperately needs. For Raine, coming-of-age means coming closer to death.

About the Author

Aya Tsintziras
At fifteen, AYA TSINTZIRAS' play, Rainfall, won an Honourable Mention in the Tarragon Theatre's Under 20 Playwright Competition. Now completing her degree in Political Science and Media Studies at the University of Toronto, Aya has rewritten the play into this novel. Her interest in anorexia developed
during her teenage years after a classmate died due to complications of this eating disorder. Deeply affected by this tragedy, Aya wants young adults to be more aware of the consequences of what she was told then was a "mysterious illness."


Pretty Bones is a frightening look into the mind of a teenage victim of anorexia...I would definitely recommend it. It's some serious thought-provoking stuff.
Lindsey, blog post
"Tsintziras does a great job getting the reader hooked..."
Sherry Rampey, VOYA (U.S.)
The writing is succinct, powerful, and subtle at the same time. Tsintziras' prose style is engaging and engrossing, pulling the reader into Raine's head and her perceptions of herself... Pretty Bones is important and a must-have for library shelves.
Rob Bittner, CM: Canadian Review of Materials


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