Profitable Ethical Investing 1989

by Eugene Ellmen

First published in 1987, Eugene Ellmen's guide to ethical investing is the definitive Canadian book on the subject.

Is there a way to buy stocks without supporting companies that pollute the environment?  In a world of "inside information" and tax loopholes, is it possible to be moral about money- and still make a profit?  EUGENE ELLMEN says yes.  Included in his discussion are RRSPs, mutual funds, charities, tax planning, community loan funds, direct investment in responsible companies and much, much more.

About the Author

EUGENE ELLMEN is one of Canada's leading authorities on ethical investment. He is a partner in Ellmen/Shaw Public Affairs which advises credit unions and non-profit organizations on community relations and local investment issues. He is a past advisor to the Ontario government as well as a former business and finance writer with Canadian Press. Eugene Ellman is a frequent contributor to the media as well as a founding member of the Social Investment Organization.'

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