Quebec in a New World

by National Executive Council of the Parti Québécois

translated by Robert Chodos

Addressing Quebec voters as they prepare for the coming watershed Quebec election, this book sets out the plans of the Parti Québécois and its leader Jacques Parizeau if the PQ wins the election.

Published on the cusp of an election call in 1994, this book was written for the public by the Parti Québécois and outlines what could be expected from a PQ government.
The party sets out its position on business and economic development, social policy, culture, and gender. It defines sovereignty and sets out the steps necessary to attain it. The party tells its readers its position on the boundaries of a sovereign Quebec, on dividing the debt, on aboriginal issues, and economic association with Canada.
Quebec in a New World remains a useful primer of the policies held by the official embodiment of the sovereigntist movement.

About the Authors

National Executive Council of the Parti Québécois

Robert Chodos

ROBERT CHODOS is an experienced author and translator who has published widely in the fields of Canadian business, politics, and transportation and of Quebec history. Among his most recent books are The Unmaking of Canada (1991), Lost in Cyberspace? (1997), and Paul Martin: A Political Biography (1998), all co-written with Rae Murphy and Eric Hamovitch, and all published by Lorimer.

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