Selling Out

Four Years of the Mulroney Government

by Robert Chodos, Rae Murphy, and Eric Hamovitch

A look at the Mulroney government's first four years in power.
This book offers a lively, on-the-spot report on the successes and failures of the first term of Brian Mulroney's Progressive Conservative government.
Extraordinarily comprehensive in the subjects it covers--free trade, natural resources, the Meech Lake Accord, taxes and social programs, defence, immigration, culture and patronage--Selling Out is a lively and provocative book that captures the atmosphere of Mulroney's Ottawa while dissecting the interest groups that influenced government policy at that time.
Selling Out is a lively contemporary report on one of the most controversial periods in Canada's recent history.

About the Authors

Robert Chodos

ROBERT CHODOS is an experienced author and translator who has published widely in the fields of Canadian business, politics, and transportation and of Quebec history. Among his most recent books are The Unmaking of Canada (1991), Lost in Cyberspace? (1997), and Paul Martin: A Political Biography (1998), all co-written with Rae Murphy and Eric Hamovitch, and all published by Lorimer.

Rae Murphy

RAE MURPHY is a retired professor of Canadian studies at Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario.

Eric Hamovitch

ERIC HAMOVITCH is a freelance writer based in Montreal.

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