Superhero Ninja Wrestling Star

by Lorna Schultz Nicholson

Archie starts Grade 6 as the only kid who has not grown over the summer. He goes on a mission to make himself bigger, stronger and faster to impress his best girl friend, Shamini.

Archie comes back from his summer away to find that he is the only kid in Grade 6 who has not grown bigger. Even his best friends Alfie and Shamini have gotten taller — and Shamini has developed in other ways, too. Archie knows that if only he can be more like the heroes of his favourite comic books, TV shows and video games, he'll be able to keep the older boys from teasing Shamini about her newly developed body — and maybe she'll keep her promise to go to the first school dance with him. From practicing the ninja crawl to bulking up with exercise and a high-protein diet, how can Archie fail?

About the Author

Lorna Schultz Nicholson
LORNA SCHULTZ NICHOLSON has written picture books, middle grade and YA fiction, and non-fiction. She has also written, produced, and hosted programs for television and radio, and is well known in Western Canada for her print journalism, including sports writing. Lorna regularly visits schools to share her passion for literacy with students. She lives in Edmonton with her husband and their two dogs.


"The humorous antics associated with Archie's quest should help young readers both laugh and cope with their own struggles. The novel is fast-paced and when read aloud should promote discussion regarding bullying, friendship and acceptance. It should be a popular addition to a school or classroom library collection."
Carolyn Cutt, Teacher-Librarian, Resource Links
"Superhero Ninja Wrestling Star is a fast, compelling read with an engaging plot, realistic dialogue, humorous situations and a solid encouraging resolution about being your own person and not trying to live up to the precepts of others."
Aileen Wortley, CM: Canadian Review of Materials


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