The Bad and the Lonely

Seven Stories of the Best--and Worst--Canadian Outlaws

by Martin Robin

Remarkable and fascinating stories of Canadian badmen.
In this book Martin Robin tells seven remarkable and fascinating stories of Canadian badmen. All were heroes--or villains--in their time, and they remain popular legends today.
The stories describe figures such as Bill Miner, the charming train robber who regularly held up the CPR; Donald Morrison, the Megantic Outlaw, who eluded capture for months after being shooting a constable sent to evict his family from their farm; and Almighty Voice, a Saskatchewan Cree hunted by Mounties for feeding his family with a stolen government cow, finally brought down with artillery fire.
The Bad and the Lonely is a lucid, witty and poignant book that brings to life colourful and tragic figures from Canada's past.

About the Author

Martin Robin

MARTIN ROBIN taught political science at Simon Fraser University. He is also the author of The Company Province, a two-volume history of British Columbia, and a book on the Canadian labour movement.

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