The Canadian Labour Movement: A Short History

Second Edition

by Craig Heron

The triumphs and setbacks of workers and the union movement in Canada

This concise history recounts the story of Canadian labour from the nineteenth century to the present day. First published in 1989, it has been updated to include new developments in the world of labour up to 1995. Heron depicts the major events and trends in labour's history, and assesses the current state and direction of the labour movement.
This masterful overview provides a broad and accessible introduction to Canadian labour.
1The Craftmen's Challenge
2The Workers' Revolt
3The Giant Tamed
4The New Resistance
5The Counter-Attack
6Rebuilding the House of Labour
7A New Agenda for Labour

About the Author

CRAIG HERON teaches in the Social Science Division and History Department of York University. He is the author of Working in Steel: The Early Years in Canada, 1883-1935, co-author of All That Our Hands Have Done: A Pictorial History of the Hamilton Workers, and co-editor of On the Job: Confronting the Labour Process in Canada.


"A short, readable and insightful summary of the building of Canada's workers' movement.
The Globe and Mail

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