A New Education Politics

Bob Rae's Legacy and the Response of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation

by George Martell

A critical examination of the public sector cuts made by Bob Rae's NDP government of Ontario in the early 1990s, placing tham in the broader context of a neo-conservative approach to educational reform.
In 1995, after five years of startling policy reversals, a spate of scandals and resignations, a global recession, high interest rates, a mounting deficit, Bob Rae's NDP government in Ontario was swept from power after a single term.
The biggest factor in the defeat was the Social Contract of 1993, a program of financial cuts that alienated teachers and public sector unions, the very people who brought Rae to power in 1990. George Martell, one of Canada's leading education writer-activists, here presents a detailed history of the Social Contract negotiations, and the pivotal role the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation (OSSTF) played in this dramatic struggle.
A New Education Politics anatomizes the corporate agenda of public sector downsizing and education reform, examining how this agenda overtook Bob Rae's NDP government.
An Our Schools/Our Selves book.

About the Author

George Martell

GEORGE MARTELL teaches is in the Social Science Department of Atkinson College, York University. He is one of the founders of This Magazine and Our Schools/Our Selves.(more)


"Readable and straightforward... this book has much to offer students, parents, and teachers who are either involved in public education or the labor movement."
Rebecca Murdoch, Canadian Book Review Annual

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