The Dreadful Truth: The Halifax Citadel

by Vicki Grant

illustrated by Graham Pilsworth

In her book, Vicki Grant reveals lots of surprising and funny facts about what life was like at the Halifax Citadel in the late 1800s. It's history with a twist.
Just who would choose to march around the Citadel Hill wearing a kilt, in the middle of winter? This book tells you why, 150 years ago, British soldiers preferred the icy breezes of Halifax to the palm trees and sunshine of the Bahamas. This is the first history book to explain how rank-and-file soldiers lived on 12 cents a day and an endless diet of boiled beef and bread. It exposes the officers' antics: they had so much status and fun, they fell flat on their faces after dinner.

About the Authors

Vicki Grant

VICKI GRANT is a Halifax writer and television producer.

Graham Pilsworth

GRAHAM PILSWORTH, a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, contributes cartoons to The Coast and is author/illustrator of a history of golf.


"It's the fun — and funny side — of history that peeks out through every page of The Dreadful Truth: The Halifax Citadel."
Atlantic Books Today

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