The Golden Age of Liberalism

A Portrait of Roméo LeBlanc

by Naomi E. S. Griffiths

foreword by Jean Chrétien

Journalist, politician, cabinet minister, Governor-General, New Brunswicker Roméo Leblanc was a leading Liberal politician. He was also an Acadian, proud of his heritage and always conscious of the impact of federal measures on the Maritime Acadian community. This is his biography, written by the noted Acadian historian Naomi Griffiths.

About the Author

Naomi E. S. Griffiths
NAOMI E. S. GRIFFITHS is recognized for her pioneering work in the fields of Acadian and women's history. She was a professor in the department of history at Carleton for many years, and she is the author or co-author of nine books, including The Context of Acadian History. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario.


"...long overdue...a seamless account of a complicated man. It's an important book filled with history well worth reliving."
Stephen Kimber, Atlantic Books Today
"Through LeBlanc's experiences and observations, Griffiths describes the inner workings of the Liberal governments of Lester Pearson, Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chrétien. She pays particular attention to the importance of LeBlanc's Acadian heritage in animating all that he did.

Her biography illuminates the life of one of Canada's most beloved politicians and statesmen and, with it, a fascinating era in our history."

James Foster, Telegraph Journal
"The Golden Age of Liberalism succeeds in two important particulars. It reveals the deep and abiding love that LeBlanc, a francophone, felt for Canada in an age when Quebec nationalism, even separatism, was fashionable among the chattering classes. It also shows his lifelong commitment to his Acadian people, whom he cherished as an identifiable and important, if often overlooked, minority in Canada."
Geoffrey Stevens, Literary Review of Canada

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