The Olivieri Report

The Complete Text of the Report of the Independent Inquiry Commissioned by the Canadian Association of University Teachers

by Jon Thompson, Patricia Baird, and Jocelyn Downie

This book is the report of an independent inquiry into the case of Dr. Nancy Olivieri, conducted by three widely respected academics and commissioned by the Canadian Association of University Teachers.

In 1996, Dr. Nancy Olivieri identified an unexpected risk associated with a drug she was testing to treat a rare blood disorder. When she moved to inform patients of this risk as required by medical ethics, the drug manufacturer, Apotex, terminated the research trial and threatened to take legal action.

This was the opening salvo in a long contest involving Olivieri, Apotex, Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children, and the University of Toronto. Olivieri expected to receive support on the ethical issue from the hospital and the university, but neither institution provided effective support against ongoing legal harassment by Apotex. Intense media coverage followed the case from beginning to end.

The Olivieri Report is the report of an independent inquiry--commissioned by the Canadian Association of University Teachers--into the case, conducted by three widely respected Canadian academics.

About the Authors

Jon Thompson

JON THOMPSON is a professor emeritus in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of New Brunswick. He is a former chair of the department and a former president of the faculty union at UNB. He chaired the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee of the Canadian Association of University Teachers during 1985-1988 and received the James B. Milner Award for contributions to academic freedom in 1993. He chaired the independent committee of inquiry commissioned by CAUT into the dispute involving Dr. Nancy Olivieri, the University of Toronto, the Hospital for Sick Children and Apotex Inc. (1999–2001). He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Harry Crowe Foundation.

Patricia Baird

PATRICIA BAIRD holds the position of University Distinguished Professor at the University of British Columbia and is a member of UBC's Department of Medical Genetics.

Jocelyn Downie

JOCELYN DOWNIE is an Associate Professor in the Faculties of Law and Medicine at Dalhousie University.

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