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  • The Attack on Nova Scotia Schools

    An insiders history of 25 tumultuous years in public education in Nova Scotia

    $22.95, Paperback
  • Best School in the World

    This book gives an account of an exceptional school in Halifax that has developed an approach to education that enables kids to truly love learning. Using the example of the Halifax Independent School, readers will find ideas big and small for how Canadian schools could do a better job of engaging, challenging and educating their students.

    $22.95, Paperback
  • From Bombs to Books

    The powerful role of schools in the experience of refugee children and teens and their parents in becoming part of Canadian society

    $22.95, Paperback
  • Academic Freedom in Conflict

    How governments, corporations, university administrators, and even students are seeking new limits on academic freedom in Canada and the U.S.
    $24.95, Paperback
  • Campus Confidential

    Insider revelations about what really goes on inside our colleges and universities
    $22.95, Paperback
  • Inventing Academic Freedom

    An account of the campus sit-in and ensuing controversy that triggered a revolution in Canadian universities and was key to establishing the principles of academic freedom in Canada
    $22.95, Paperback
  • No Debate

    How Israel lobby groups tried to curb free speech at York University.
    $22.95, Paperback
  • The Grammar School

    The first book to chronicle the history of the Halifax Grammar School

    $19.95, Paperback
  • Universities at Risk

    Is the integrity of Canadian universities being threatened by big business and a results driven environment?

    $24.95, Paperback
  • Free Speech in Fearful Times

    Following the events of 9/11, rashly conceived anti-terror laws were introduced that put civil liberties at risk. Free Speech in Fearful Times offers a unique perspective on how the laws created to "protect" us can actually harm us.
    $24.95, Paperback
  • Disciplining Dissent

    Respected contributors from Canada, the United States and Europe share examine the many issues associated with the increasing restrictions on free speech in the media and the academic world.
    $19.95, Paperback
  • The Olivieri Report

    This book is the report of an independent inquiry into the case of Dr. Nancy Olivieri, conducted by three widely respected academics and commissioned by the Canadian Association of University Teachers.

    $29.95, Paperback
  • The Corporate Campus

    This book looks at the corrosive influence of corporations on postsecondary education, with essays from some of Canada's most prominent scholars.
    $19.95, Paperback
  • Health and Wealth

    Researchers are now discovering that it's not the richest countries that have the best health: it's the most egalitarian.

    $35.00, Paperback
  • A New Education Politics

    A critical examination of the public sector cuts made by Bob Rae's NDP government of Ontario in the early 1990s, placing tham in the broader context of a neo-conservative approach to educational reform.
    $19.95, Paperback
  • Publicly Supported Education in Post-Modern Canada

    First published in 1994, the analyses and prescriptions offered in Publicly Supported Education in Post-Modern Canada remain relevant to the educational challenges of today.
    $19.95, Paperback
  • Sex in Schools

    This anthology offers insights into how Canadian schools have sought to regulate and discipline sexuality--through sexual education classes, in teacher-student relationships, in curriculum and pedagogy, and every-day practices.
    $14.95, Paperback
  • Stubborn Pilgrimage

    How have English teachers responded to the pressing demands for educational change as the world moved from the 60's to the 90's? Stubborn Pilgrimage examines the case of Ontario English teachers, detailing their pattern of resistance and reform.
    $19.95, Paperback
  • Pandora's Box

    First published in 1993, Pandora's Box is an immediate report on the relation between public education and corporate globalization.
    $14.95, Paperback
  • Rethinking Vocationalism

    Vocational education can either reinforce or challenge dominant ideology: students can learn to accept and fit into a workplace, or to change it.
    $14.95, Paperback
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