Toby’s Best Friend

by Jean Lemieux

illustrated by Sophie Casson

translated by Sarah Cummins

Toby is excited when his parents buy him a puppy. Toby and his new friend sit up all night watching a snowstorm. The next day when Toby and his friends build a snow fort, he forgets all about his puppy!
Toby is tired of being told everything is for his own good. When his parents get him the dog he's always wanted, they won't let the dog sleep in his room --- for the dog's own good! The next morning, Toby and his friends make a snow fort and a tunnel and a special place for the puppy. When they are back in their houses, the plows come by, eating up the snow banks, but where is Toby's puppy?

About the Authors

Jean Lemieux

Jean Lemieux
JEAN LEMIEUX is a doctor, as well as an author of many popular and award-winning children's books. After working for many years on the Magdalen Islands, he now resides in Quebec.

Sophie Casson

SOPHIE CASSON is a graphic designer, specialising in illustration. She lived for many years in Africa, but more recently in Montreal.

Sarah Cummins

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