Universities for Sale

Resisting Corporate Control over Canadian Higher Education

by Neil Tudiver

An account of the influence of corporations in higher education in the 1990s, and the resistance to this trend mounted by scholars.

In the 1990s Canadian universities experienced an aggressive campaign of corporatization. Universities for Sale offers suggestions on how to resist corporatization.

Neil Tudiver shows how scholarly independence has, in recent years, been eroded to a point of crisis. Left unchecked, corporations play a larger and larger role in deciding which fields of study survive and which will disappear. He looks at how professors defend free inquiry against the pressures of economic expediency.

Universities for Sale is a penetrating analysis of the ongoing issue of corporate influence on Canada's universities.

About the Author

Neil Tudiver

NEIL TUDIVER is a professor of social work at the University of Manitoba and former president of and chief negotiator for the University of Manitoba Faculty Association.

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