Water Fight!

by Michele Martin Bossley

Josie's too-perfect sister Melissa is driving her crazy! Its bad enough that Melissa has to outdo her at home and at school, but when she takes up swimming it is too much to bear.

Josie's sister Melissa is too perfect, better than her in everything--except in the pool. Josie dreams of Olympic swimming gold, and works hard with her Calgary swim team to achieve it.

So when Melissa decides to join the team too, Josie is outraged and afraid that, once again, her sister will beat her. But as the big invitational swim meet approaches Melissa acts to help make Josie's dream come true, and forces them both to reconsider the value of sisterhood.

Water Fight! is the story of two sisters who overcome sibling rivalry and learn to be themselves.

About the Author

Michele Martin Bossley
MICHELE MARTIN BOSSLEY was born in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A., but grew up in Calgary from the time she was five. She is the author of ten other childrens books including Taking a Dive runner-up for the R. Ross Annett Award in Children's Literature and The Perfect Gymnast nominated for the 1999 Manitoba Reader's Choice Award. One of her more recent books Pool Princess has been nominated for a Golden Eagle Children's Choice Award. Michele has been involved in both synchronized swimming and competitive swimming since her teens. She has also coached young swimmers and draws on much of that experience for her books.


"Water Fight! would be a suitable addition to public and school libraries as well as individual collections. Useful in a classroom setting, the relevant topics introduced in this title would open many possibilities for class discussion and student writing."
Deborah Mervold, Canadian Materials

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