The Witch of Bloor Street

by Beth Pollock

Chosen as one of Resource Links' Year's Best for 2011
This story for pre-teens uses humour and empathy to explore the problems of self-consciousness, being different, and feeling inferior.
Sixth-grader Maggie Ito believes she has been cursed by the Witch of Bloor Street. While her friends all seem to be best at something - Sasha is best at art, Alice is the most musical, and even her nemesis Jarrett Johnson is the fastest runner - Maggie believes the curse is keeping her from being best at anything. Her attempts to break it become increasingly far-fetched, but her luck is still bad.
With the help of her friends and a supportive teacher, Maggie finds confidence in her own abilities and the strength to confront her "witch." [Fry Reading Level - 4.0

About the Author

BETH POLLOCK lives in Toronto, Ontario. This is her third book in the Streetlights series. Her Streetlights novel The Next Step was chosen as a Resource Links Year's Best in 2009.


"If I was still teaching in the grade six classroom, I would want this book for my girls. I would also expect to hear giggles while it was being read. A fantastic addition to the library or grade 4-7 classroom".
Susan Miller, Resource Links, Volume 16, No. 4
The rich cast of secondary characters, including Maggie's parents and small circle of understanding friends, help flesh out this satisfying story, which is told in Maggie's humorous, self-deprecating voice. Because Maggie is a particularly innocent sixth grader, readers as young as third grade can enjoy this window into the middle-school world and will hope to have friends like Magnolia and Sasha.
Kirkus Reviews,


One of the Year's Best for 2011 - Resource Links

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