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  • The Summer Between Us

    Award-winning African Nova Scotian writer Andre Fenton’s third novel tackles contemporary social issues such as class difference and colourism in the Black community in this vibrant coming-of-age story.

    $9.95, Digital (ePub)
    Interest ages: 13-18
    Reading level: Grade 3
  • White Privilege Deal With It

    A reader-directed exploration of white privilege and the legacy of racism in society and media.

    $24.95, Hardcover
    Interest ages: 9-14
    Lexile Reading Level: 780L
  • No One's Baby

    To make decisions for the future, you have to find out the truth about your past
    $12.95, Paperback
    Interest ages: 13-18
    Reading level: Grade 2
    Lexile Reading Level: 620L
  • Black Cop

    A shocking, first-person account of a Mountie who went from small-town Newfoundland to undercover drug work in Toronto to guarding prime ministers and presidents. All along, the racism he encountered from the public was easier to handle than the racism of fellow police officers — and the RCMP hierarchy.
    $16.95, Digital (PDF)
  • Worthy of Love

    Adrian is fed up with being bullied for his weight, but in an effort to get fit he develops an eating disorder. Will the girl he's falling for be able to set him on the right track?
    $14.95, Paperback
    Interest ages: 13-18
    Reading level: Grade 4
    Lexile Reading Level: HL590L
  • The Teen Sex Trade

    The true story of a marginzlied black teen's descent into the sex trade
    $14.95, Digital (PDF)
  • Ride or Die

    Kanika, a 15-year-old Black girl from a small town, is lured into the sex trade when she falls for an older teenage boy. Based on true-events, this book recounts the physical and emotional abuse experienced by young victims of sex trafficking, and how one girl survives and escapes.
    $12.95, Paperback
    Interest ages: 13-18
    Reading level: Grade 4
    Lexile Reading Level: HL610L
  • The Spirit of Africville

    The Spirit of Africville is a multi-faceted account of a proud African Nova Scotian community, and of the systematic neglect, ignorance and arrogance that led to its demolition.
    $29.95, Paperback
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