Morgan’s Secret

by Ted Staunton

illustrated by Bill Slavin

When Morgan's best friend Charlie tells him a secret he swears he can keep one.
When Morgan's best friend Charlie tells him a secret he swears he can keep one. But then Morgan is assigned Aldeen Hummel, the Godzilla of Grade 3, as his science partner and the trouble begins. Aldeen makes everyone nervous and Morgan is no exception. She makes Morgan so nervous the secret just slips out. What will Morgan have to do to stop Aldeen from blabbing?

About the Authors

Ted Staunton

TED STAUNTON divides his time between writing and a busy schedule as a speaker, workshop leader, storyteller and musical performer for children and adults. His previous books include the well-loved Green Applestreet Gang series, the Cyril and Maggie series, the Morgan series, Puddleman, Simons Surprise and the acclaimed Hope Springs a Leak. He has received numerous Canadian Childrens Book Centre "Our Choice" awards, a Silver Birch Award nomination and a Hackmactack Award nomination.

Bill Slavin

BILL SLAVIN is a celebrated illustrator who lives in Millbrook Ontario. He has illustrated over 40 books for children, including The Cat Came Back.


"Morgan's Secret shines for its humourous characterization. It is the contrast in characterization between wimpy Morgan and Aldeen the bully that keeps readers chuckling through this book. Ted Staunton's portrayal of the Godzilla of Grade Three, in her purple sweatsuit, is great. The dialogue is snappy and generous.Bill Slavin's accompanying sketches are full of motion and emotion."
Gillian Richardson, Canadian Materials
"Morgan's struggles are comical, but beneath the humour is a tough real-life situation that, happily, turns out well for all involved. This is another fine First Novel from Formac's successful series. Recommended."
Deborah Dowson, Canadian Book Review

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