Peer Pressure Deal With It

Deal with it without losing your cool

by Elaine Slavens

illustrated by Ben Shannon

Using contemporary situations and language, Peer Pressure explores the pressures kids experience, how to walk away from it, and how they can help each other.
Some psychologists argue that peers have a greater influence on one another than do their parents, siblings, and teachers. Sometimes this influence is positive, but all too often pressure from friends and bullies can have negative effects, from hurt feelings to seriously risky behaviour.
Using contemporary situations and language, Peer Pressure explores the pressures young people experience, how to walk away from it, and how kids can empower each other to stand up for their own interests.

About the Authors

Elaine Slavens

Elaine Slavens
ELAINE SLAVENS is the former Consultant of Guidance and Social/Personal Skills for the Toronto District School Board and was previously Conflict Resolution Advisor for the Toronto Board of Education. This book reflects her deep and sympathetic understanding of young people and her experience with issues of conflict in school settings. The Deal With It Series helps adolescents cope with conflicts in everyday life and aims to promote peaceful homes, schools, and communities.

Ben Shannon

BEN SHANNON is a Toronto-based illustrator and musician. His work has appeared in publications such as Rolling Stone, Wired, National Geographic World, and The Globe and Mail.(more)


"As wonderful as the words are, it is the visual format and illustrations that make this series so appealing and kid friendly. The information, straight-forward talk, and behavior-challenging questions are well done, but the art will surely make youth pick up these books."
C.J. Bott, Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)
"Text is simple and uses the popular language of tweens and young teens. Short sections and a good variety of presentation formats will keep the reader's attention, while sound advice, sample scenarios and suggestions for altering behaviour, without sounding preachy, will give young people plenty of ideas for gaining control of their own behaviours."
CM: Canadian Review of Materials
"The author does an excellent presentation of good and bad peer pressure. Readers will mature in reactions to peer pressure as they learn to make good choices and realize that they are empowered to choose how they will treat others with fairness and dignity. Recommended."
The SouthWestern Ohio Young Adult Materials Review Group

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