Rose Murray’s Vegetable Cookbook

by Rose Murray

Rose Murray's Vegetable Cookbook offers 152 recipes that turn common (and not-so-common) vegetables into gastronomic delights.

Rose Murray's Vegetable Cookbook includes everything you want to know about the history and nature of thirty-one common (and not-so-common) vegetables, along with delicious recipes for their preparation.

With 152 fully-tested recipes for soups, appetizers, salads, entrées and desserts, both familiar to the exotic, the book offers dishes for a full gastronomic experience. Enjoy Garden Antipasto, Jerusalem Artichoke and Oyster Soup, Tarragon Mushroom Vinaigrette, Stir-Fried Snow Peas with Shrimp, Chilled Pumpkin Soufflé, and dozens of others.

Rose Murray's imaginative and mouth-watering recipes to let you bring the best and freshest of flavours straight from the garden to your table.

About the Author

Rose Murray

Rose Murray
ROSE MURRAY studied cooking techniques in Hong Kong, Costa Rica, and Paris at Le Cordon Bleu, La Varenne, and LEcole de Gastronomie Francaise Ritz-Escoffier. She is the author of numerous cookbooks.


"Rose Murray's Vegetable Cookbook remains one of my vegetable Bibles after many years. The tastebuds of this talented food writer from Cambridge, Ont., are always alert to interesting combinations."
Julian Armstrong, Edmonton Journal

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