Apples, Peaches and Pears

by Elizabeth Baird

Recipes from the classics to the most inventive and unusual for three of Canada's finest summer fruits.

This cookbook offers an array of recipes, from the classic to the inventive and unusual, for three of Canada's finest summer fruits.

Elizabeth Baird's first cookbook introduced many people to the heritage of fine cooking of which few people in this country are fully aware.  Her new cookbook features 125 recipes for a wide range of dishes.  There are cakes, pies, pancakes, puddings, salads, stuffings, preserves and pickles.  Along with the best possible recipes for such classic dishes as apple pie, peach ice cream or spiced crab apples, there are tempting new recipes - cranberry nut apple pie, baked peaches with almond slivers, pear ice water, peach and red pepper relish.

To compile this book, Elizabeth Baird delved into libraries and archives for collections of old recipes and gathered treasured family recipes from people across the country.  Then she tested and re-tested, working on improvements and changes.  Everyone of her recipes is from an authentic source, and is part of the tradition of Canadian cooking.

About the Author

Elizabeth Baird

Elizabeth Baird
ELIZABETH BAIRD began her career as a champion of Canadian cuisine with her 1975 book Classic Canadian Cooking. For many years she was the food editor of Canadian Living magazine, and she has written and edited many bestselling cookbooks. She contributes a weekly food column to the Toronto Sun. In 2013 she was appointed to the Order of Canada for her contributions to the promotion of Canada's diverse food heritage, as an author and former food editor of Canadian Living magazine.

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